Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Niuean Language Week - Days Of The Week

This is my google presentation about the days of the week that is spoken in the Niuean Language. I chose this task because this week is Niuean language week which is celebrated in New Zealand and I chose the days of the week because I myself did not know them and wanted to learn them better so that I can properly say it and not stutter.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Chances Of Blowing Wishes, Capturing Butterflies And The Star Song

This is my recount story about a childhood memory. It is about what happened and how it happened and what I was like around then.

The Chances Of Blowing Wishes, Capturing Butterflies And The Star Song

Spring intervened, nine years ago, at the year 2005 (Two Thousand And Five) when I was three and destiny overtook my life meeting a certain girl who was my age. Her name was Sela and she was my futuristic friend that I met. The night before this day I had a dream of what would happen, to prevent that from happening I reluctantly avoided meeting her. At that time I was in the car with my brother and my mother hearing the car coming back to life, roaring with existence. Me and my family were on a trip to the field just for me but it was unplanned for me and Sela to meet but we did.

I encountered Sela, her illuminated charcoal hair glistened underneath the sun swishing to the right side of her where the wind pulled. Her eyes was full of attention and distorted into chestnut color. Her skin was ravishingly copper and ruby painted lips was perfected fully. I looked at her with a brief look and carefully eyed her like a tiger watching it’s prey. The prophecy that was foretold in my dream was my legacy, our legacy.

When she turned around I tensed in her eyes because I saw myself. A girl with curly hair colored brunette with a texture of auburn hair lingered in Sela’s eyes. The girl had scarlet cheeks like a raging fire and lips pale red like a blossom tree in the snow. The girl had eyes of a tiger featured in the color caramel with skin of a tanned person who had pale skin until they went to the beach but some places the sun couldn’t make the effort to shine on some areas on the body like underneath her arms is pale and her legs are pale. Her clothes made her look like a boy, it actually made her look like she was a tomboy with only brothers. I realized that I was looking at me. Me, being a complete idiot at that age said,”Move, your in the way!” in a harsh tone. She examined me only for a moment then laughed but being three I guessed you would have laughed as well.

We introduced ourselves, like a book summoning characters. She said,”Hi, I’m Sela and ummm...I want to be friends!”. I looked at her, she was full of determination and commitment so I agreed to be the bestest friend I could ever be, since i've never really had any friends, I was more of an independent little girl. It was only early in the morning but it felt like forever, like I have been talking to someone that was not real, but stranger than a angel but far away from being an alien. There was something special about her, something I couldn’t understand.

The skies blurred into a shade of pink altered with a amethyst contrast and a peachy smudge like the sky was a piece of art. We were blowing fairies and wishes as the night fell and twilight was the break of dawn for this night.

Our parents had warned us not to wander far and we didn’t understand their language so we ignored them. I remembered the dream I had instantly as we wandered lost in our imagination,in my dream we were in a dark place exactly like where we were now, where only shadows and silhouettes lived. We diverged in a unfamiliar direction searching desperately for our parents. The smell interrupted my thoughts instantly making me turn to wait for Sela who was about to let rain down on her face silently even though the sky was clear like a velvet blanket covered with shattered diamonds.

As three year olds you could understand how we felt, which was the feeling of being alone and being the only one by yourself as if know one existed but you, like how Adam in the beginning was until Eve was made and he wasn’t alone. As a hushed snore was uttered by Sela’s lips I hummed our secret lullaby to the sleeping girl who knew nothing of the situation we were in currently. Our secret is our song that only we know, we call it ‘The Star Song’.

Red and blue lights blur into the the darkness surrounding us with sirens deafening our ears with irritation. Men in black pick us up and carry us back to our family, he was what we call ‘The Deliverer’. Our hearts beat in sync like a beat following each other until the drop follows in and silence of our happiness exploits within a moment. Our hearts calm down like the moon after a long day, we looked away and got carried away in our dreams and we thought we would never see each other again, well we thought wrong.

Dealing With Cyberbullying Scenario

This is me and my buddy's DLO, Brodie, about generating solutions to dealing with cyberbullying. This is a scenario me and Brodie made up for generating a solution for a situation regarding cyberbullying.

Apply Hauora

This is my DLO about applying hauora into my daily life and what it means and what I should do. It also includes what I need to do to apply hauora into my daily life and how i need to apply it to my daily life.

Touch Poem

This is my poem I did for the topic  this term which is 'Peaceful Play'. The game I chose to write a poem about is touch because it is peaceful and fun to play and also because it is one of my favorite games.

Playing Touch Like A Mushroom Bomb

I stood still on a running spree startled by the ball bouncing in between, backwards, behind and beside me. I caught the ball unaware of the situation I was in. I heard my imagination crystal clear like it was in my ear as it whispered a sound effect that sounded like a *whistle* and a Psh!! Just like a mushroom bomb as the ball fell into my arms. The sun slapped my face as I scored a goal but I felt the pain of the long grass that whacked my legs as I bolted pass.

Everyone wanted the ball as if they were dogs eagerly racing towards a bone like it was the last one in the whole universe. I hurried to the aid of one of my teammates as he passed it to me so I could pass it to someone else so they could have a run. I wandered for a moment in my mind finding a question, who would win at the end of this game?

I wandered around the field searching for the ball as it dropped into it’s nest into my team mate’s arms. She ran eyeing the enemy as he stepped them then BANG! She bumped into the enemy’s shoulder meeting his finger. She passed the ball to me seeing that I was the closest to herself, then I ran for freedom and my life trying not to get touched, I guess my life isn’t worth much since I did get touched.

I kicked the ball as it made a mushroom bomb into someone’s arms luckily the person was in my team. We tumbled towards the goal making history for our team, taking our name into the book of history. Then I chant in my spaced mind,” The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory”. I secretly gasp for joy but audibly trying not to show my happiness.

I feel the pressure whispering into the warm breeze contacting the blazes of the sun reflecting smiles upon it’s face. Pride overwhelms my face as I feel the oppression of me catching the ball as I laid down my head holding the ball as if it’s a baby, then I saw a white line as my feet guided me towards it. All I hear is cheering. all I can see is confetti and a golden trophy intertwined with a name marking its point, all I can blindly see is me past the line, we made it past the enemy borders.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Rainbow Football Game

This is my DLO about a made up game me and my buddy Shantai made. It symbolises the rules and what you have to do and what you need.

Boy Ruins $1.5 Million Painting

Kiwi Kids News Article: Boy Ruins $1.5 Million Painting
Today I read an article about a boy losing balance and ruining the $1.5 million dollar painting while listening to the tour guide. But luckily the boy's family didn't get a fine because the painting had incurnce since it was a accident. To read more, please click the link.